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Common Chord Progressions using Basic Chords in C Major & A Minor

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300 Chord Progressions & Lots of Basic Chords

If you write songs or want to write songs, our 6 eBooks go a long way in helping you to do just that. With 300 mainly four-bar chord progressions written in C major and A minor there are literally thousands of combinations to be had. There's also a very easy to use Transposition Chart included so you can transpose any of the progressions into any key.

But first, let's just go through how things are made up.

What is a Chord Progression?

Basically, a musical note played on its own is just a single note. When we add another note to that single note and play them at the same time, it becomes a chord. And any succession of chords (i.e. one chord played after another) becomes a chord progression. In turn these chord progressions create the structure for a verse or a chorus etc. You may have also heard chord progressions referred to as chord charts or chord sequences too.

To reiterate:

Take any single note

Add any other note and it becomes a chord (as long as it's more than one note, it's a chord)

Play any chord after another chord and that becomes a chord progression

A chord progression makes up a verse or chorus etc

And of course a verse, chorus etc form a song

(I hope I've made it clear enough to understand!)

The Chord Progression eBooks

Okay, back to the chord progressions eBooks. Each chord progression contains on average four bars and several chords. You can mix and match all 300 chord progressions so the possibilities are endless! The chords used range from very basic chords such as C major right through to more exotic chords such as C major 9/11. But don't worry about chord complexity as each chord is named, has an audio example, is fully notated and has a guitar box above it.

These eBooks are a great way for you not only to learn new chords and their respective names but also to learn how to put the chords together to create common chord progressions using basic chords and some not so common chord progressions using basic and advanced chords. The layout is very simple and every chord progression can be combined with any other to form a decent original backing song structure which then just needs a melody writing above it.

The chord progressions are not genre specific therefore can be used for any type of song from classical to hiphop to heavy metal! Although the main instruments concentrated on are piano and guitar, the chord progressions can be used by any songwriter regardless of what instrument they play.

If you suddenly get the dreaded song writer's block then you can easily plough through these ebooks to find a decent sounding chord progression / sequence / chart or whatever you like to call them! You could even do it without looking - for example you could just jot down on a piece of paper:

  1. VERSE 1: Chord Progression 21 x 2 and Chord Progression 144 x 2
  2. VERSE 2: Chord Progression 21 x 1 and Chord Progression 120 x 1

... and so on. Just think of the chord progressions as a 'snap-together' kit. I'm sure you get the picture! A songwriter's dream!

Each of the 6 Chord Progression eBooks contains:

50 Four-Bar Chord Progressions in C Major & A Minor

Full Chord Names For Every Chord

Guitar Chord Boxes for Every Chord

Each Chord Progression Is Fully Notated

Each Chord Progression Has An Audio Example

In total there are 150 chord progressions in C Major and 100 chord progressions in A Minor. eBook 6 contains 50 Chord Progressions especially written to be bridges/middle 8's. A bridge is a part of a song which links, well - 'bridges' from the end of a verse to a chorus. A middle 8 is usually found after the second chorus and is called a middle 8 because it usually consists of 8 bars. But make no mistake - there are no hard and fast rules of song writing today. Gone are the days when you had to follow such confusing musical rules! A song is basically what you want it to be. It could be one entire verse or one verse and three chorus's and so on.

The WHOLE downloadable eBook Package contains:

6 eBooks x 50 Chord Progressions (300 Chord Progressions)

An Easy To Use Transposition Chart

'How To Write A Song' Guide On Using The Progressions


An Example From eBook 1:

eBook 1

50 Easy Chord Progressions in C Major

eBook 1 concentrates on the easier chord progressions like C Major, F Major and G Major. There are 50 to choose from and they are all written in C Major for ease of use - but you can transpose them using the transposition chart.




Chord Progression #9 eBook 1


Straight Chord Progression


In the 'How to write a song' guide, I will show you how to turn this:

Chord Progression 42

Straight Chord Progression


into THIS:

Chord Progression 42 DEMO

DEMO Song (c) 2012 C&R -

All Worldwide Rights Reserved

What you get in the 300 Chord Progression eBook

eBook 1 - 50 EASIER Chord Progressions in C Major

eBook 2 - 50 in C Major

eBook 3 - 50 in C Major

eBook 4 - 50 in A Minor

eBook 5 - 50 in A Minor

eBook 6 - 50 Bridge/Middle 8 Progressions in C Major & A Minor

A FREE Transposition Chart to transpose progressions into any key!

A FREE guide on how to write a full song from scratch using the Chord Progressions - this is an easy to follow guide on how to use the Chord Progressions to compose a song - Ian shows you exactly how! This is a MUST for any one who wants to learn how to write a song!!

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For ALL 6 eBooks


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The Chord Progression's Author

Ian Crabtree - The Chord Progressions Author

Published composer, Ian Crabtree, is the author of the 6 Chord Progression eBooks. He is a member of the Performing Rights Society (PRS) and composer of the successful musical, Witchfinder. He currently writes music for television and examples of his work can be found here.


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